Social support

Ukrainian citizens under temporary protection are entitled to social assistance. After registering at the current address in Bulgaria, they can apply to the relevant directorate "Social Assistance" for the following types of social benefits:

►  One-time social assistance in the amount of up to BGN 375.

► One-time targeted social assistance for issuing an ID card. The amount of aid is determined individually depending on the necessary costs, with a maximum amount of up to BGN 75.

►  Monthly social assistance. The right to this assistance possess people and families whose income for the previous month is lower than the individually determined differentiated minimum income and meet the statutory conditions.

► Targeted heating aid - granted for a period of five months for the upcoming heating season. The application period is from July 1 to October 31.

►  People who receive monthly allowances and targeted heating allowances are provided with health care at the expense of the state budget.

► People who have no income or personal property are entitled to targeted funds for diagnosis and treatment in hospitals.


Rights of people with disabilities

Ukrainian citizens with disabilities under temporary protection have the same rights as Bulgarian citizens with disabilities, provided that the degree of permanently reduced working capacity or the type and degree of disability are determined by the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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