Social services

The main types of social services are: information and counseling, advocacy and mediation, community work, therapy and rehabilitation, training for skills acquisition, support for acquiring work skills, day care, residential care, shelter, assistant support. Social services are provided according to the desire and personal choice of the person.

People wishing to use a social service state their wish orally and / or in writing on the spot, by telephone or electronically to the Social Assistance Directorate at the place of residence.

Social shelter services are provided in shelters, temporary accommodation centers and crisis centers. These centers provide temporary accommodation (for a certain part of the day) for homeless people and families and temporary accommodation in a safe environment for people in crisis situations and for victims of domestic violence and victims of trafficking. The various centers also provide specialized information and counseling services, advocacy and mediation, therapy and rehabilitation, and skills training. Assistance is also provided for inclusion in qualification and retraining courses and other training courses and / or for finding a job. These are services that are also suitable for stateless people or those seeking international protection.

Stateless persons and applicants for international protection who are unable to verify their current address for objective reasons may use social services at their place of residence.

In all cases of urgent need for support, people can use services without prior referral, and the relevant Social Assistance Directorate immediately takes the necessary referral actions to use social services. When the person is accompanied by a child and is his / her parent or guardian, the service is also provided to the child. When a parent or guardian needs urgent support but is accompanied by their child, social services are also provided to the child.

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