Family benefits

Family Allowances


Family allowances are intended to help raising children in a family environment. Ten categories of benefits are provided under the Family Allowances Act and for each one of them differentiating criteria consistent with the purpose of the particular family benefit are adopted. Most types of family allowances are granted to families, regardless of their income. Specific criteria are introduced for another part of child benefits, according to their orientation or the statutory income per family member for the respective year. It should be pointed out that children with disabilities, children with one living parent and children placed in families of relatives, close friends or foster families are provided all types of family benefits under a facilitated regime, regardless of the family income.


·         Legislation


·         Family Allowances Act


·         Rules for implementation of the Family Allowances Act


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The territorialstructures of the Agency for Social Assistance are the Regional Directorates for Social Assistance in the regional administrative centres and the "Social Assistance" Directorates on their territory. Regional social assistance directorates coordinate and control the activities of the "Social Assistance" Directorates on their territory. The "Social Assistance" Directorates carry out all work of granting, paying, refusing and withdrawing family child benefits.


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