Child protection

The basic principle enshrinedin the special laws and regulations is the commitment of the State to protect and guarantee the fundamental rights of the child in all spheres of social life by providing and implementing measures to protect the rights of the child. Child protection is a system of legislative, administrative and other measures to guarantee the rights of every child. Ensuring the right of children to live with their parents is one of the priorities of the system for child protection. The efforts are aimed at improving parenting skills and changing attitudes towards children. The competent authorities for child protection are striving to ensure in their workthe respect of children's rights, protection of the best interest of the child and support of children and families. Bulgarian legislation in the field of child protection and its underpinning principles of preventing child abandonment and placing children in institutions only in extreme cases correspond to the international standards in the field of children's rights.An integralpart of the implementation of this principle is the support of parents when they have difficulties to care for their children. Authorities for child protection at the local level are making a concerted effort to prevent abandonment and to reintegrate children, providing in addition to socio-psychological support also financial assistance which is part of the work on prevention, reintegration and placement with relatives or in a foster family. Extremely important is the individual approach in addressing cases, which is linked to the specific needs of the child. Essential for guaranteeing the rights and interests of children is the fact that placement outside the home, including in a specialized institution, shall be done by the court.    


·         Legislation




·         Child Protection Act


·         Rules for implementation of  the Child Protection Act


·         Ordinance on the Conditions and Procedures for  Application, Selection and Approval of Foster Families and Placing Children inthem


·         Ordinance on the Criteria and Standards for the Provision of Social Services to Children


·         Ordinance No. RD-07-7 / 05.10.2010 on the Conditions and Procedures for  Keeping of Full Adoption Registers 


·         Ordinance  on the Conditions and Procedures for Implementing Measures to Prevent the Abandonment and Institutionalisation of Children and Measures for Reintegration Thereof


·         Ordinance on the Specialised Protection of Children at Public Places


·         Ordinance on the Conditions and Procedures for the Protection of Gifted and Talented Children




·         Strategies


·         National Strategy for the Child 2008 – 2018


·         National Programme for Child Protection, 2015




·         International instruments




·         UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


·        UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children


·       Common European Guidelines on the Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care




·         Child Protection System




The specialized child protection bodies are the Chairperson of the State Agency for Child Protection and the "Social Assistance" Directorates at the Agency for Social Assistance. "Social Assistance" Directorate is a body of child protection at the local level within which operates the "Child Protection" Department (CPD). CPD social workers take protective measures with regard to children at risk. Other bodies for child protection are: the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Education and Science, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Health and the mayors of municipalities.




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State Agency for Child Protection


Agency for Social Assistance