Minister Lazarov: Over 740,000 people will receive support under the Human Resources Development Programme

Minister Lazarov: Over 740,000 people will receive support under the Human Resources Development Programme

“The Human Resources Development Programme (2021-2027) has double the budget of BGN 3.8 billion compared to the previous programming period. In the coming years, we will focus these funds on policy development in several priority areas - labour market, youth employment, social inclusion of vulnerable groups and social innovation. More than 740,000 people are expected to be supported through the implementation of the funded measures.” This was announced by the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Lazar Lazarov at the presentation of the Human Resources Development Programme (2021-2027) in Sofia. The European programme was announced during the closing event of the #FirstJobs campaign, which is implemented with the financial support of the European Social Fund and takes place in the context of the European Year of Youth.

It is expected that support under the various measures of the programme will reach every eighth Bulgarian. Over 400,000 people will be involved in projects to promote employment and skills development. Social inclusion of people from vulnerable groups and people with disabilities will continue to be a priority of the programme. More than BGN 1.3 billion are directed to it. The new priority “Social Innovations” has a budget of BGN 20 million, which will stimulate the development of innovative solutions in social policy.

BGN 735 million have been allocated for Youth Employment. Many of them will target young people who are neither studying nor working. More than 110,000 young people are expected to participate in various projects over the next seven years.

“The measure “Starting a job” is one of the most interesting schemes to be launched. In addition to young people, inactive and disadvantaged people will be able to start working under the measure,” Lazar Lazarov noted. “There are more opportunities for paid internships, vocational qualifications, training and support to start a job. Both the standard services of the Employment Agency will be used, as well as new ones - mobile teams, activation clubs, external job fairs,” the minister explained.

During the event, he talked about the challenges in career guidance and professional development and urged young people to take advantage of the many opportunities that the Human Resources Development Programme provides them.