The Food Operational Program (2014-2020) will provide BGN 11 million to support Ukrainian citizens


The Government has given its consent to the Managing Authority of the Food and/or basic material assistance Operational Programme (2014-2020) to conclude contracts for the provision of grants of up to 3.93% above its budget. Thus, the program will have an additional BGN 11,000,000, which will be provided at the initiative of the European Union REACT-EU for 2022.

The financial resource will be used for actions in support of Ukrainian citizens who have received temporary protection in Bulgaria. It is envisaged that by the end of 2022, about 50,000 vouchers for the purchase of food and basic necessities will be provided to them through the structures of the Social Assistance Agency.

The provision of additional funds will also allow for the extension of the measure for providing hot lunch until July 31, 2022. Currently, 189 municipalities provide soup, main course, bread and once a week dessert to over 53,000 people in need. Municipalities that do not currently have a contract under the program will also be able to apply for the provision of the social service. It is expected that in this way a hot lunch will be provided for an additional 20,000 people. Such a right will be given to Ukrainian citizens in need of support with the right to temporary protection.