More than half of the young people included in the Youth Employment measure remain in permanent employment

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A total of 38,886 unemployed youth up to the age of 29 have so far been included in the activities of the "New Opportunity for Youth Employment" project under the Operational Program "Human Resources Development" 2014 - 2020. Of them, more than half - 20,951 youth - have remained at work with the same employer after subsidized employment ends.

The project is implemented by the Employment Agency and has a budget of BGN 161.3 million. According to it, unemployed young people up to the age of 29 had the opportunity to do an internship for a period of 6 to 9 months, to participate in on-the-job training with a mentor for a period of up to 6 months or to start work on the project for a period of up to 9 months.

The greatest interest in using the measure is found in the "Trade", "Hotel and restaurant industry", "Construction", "Technical service and repair of cars" and "Accounting and audit" sectors. The largest number of young people are involved in internships and employment under the project in the municipalities of Nikola Kozlevo, Ruzhintsi, Pleven, Belitsa, Valchedrum, Popovo and Cherven Bryag.

Activities under the "New opportunity for youth employment" project of the Employment Agency should end in September 2023. Support for unemployed youth will continue with a new project under the "Youth Employment +" measure, which will be implemented with a budget of BGN 188 million under the "Human Resources Development" Program 2021 - 2027. In the coming days, a contract on the measure is expected to be signed between the Managing Authority of the "Human Resources Development" Program and the Employment Agency.

The main goal of "Youth Employment +" is to increase the competitiveness of unemployed and inactive youth aged 16 to 29 by facilitating their transition from education to employment. At least 15,200 inactive and unemployed youth, including long-term unemployed, are expected to be covered in internships, on-the-job training or subsidized employment. For the first month of their inclusion in project activities, the young people will be provided with funds for public transport to and from the workplace.

When concluding an open-ended employment contract with a young intern for a position that matches the intern's qualifications for the same or better remuneration, employers will receive incentives equal to their insurance costs for the first 6 months of the contract.

Under the "Youth Employment +" measure, young people will have the opportunity to participate in training for the acquisition of transferable and "soft" skills.