People with disabilities can receive up to BGN 20,000 to start their own business


Up to BGN 20,000 can be received by people with disabilities for starting or developing their own business. The funds are provided by the Agency for People with Disabilities to cover the costs of establishing a new enterprise, construction and repair works, workplace equipment, starting minimum working capital and a short training course for the owner of the enterprise.

People with 50 and over 50% reduced working capacity can apply for funding, according to a decision of the TEMC or the NEMC. They must not have a sole proprietorship or be partners in other companies. After the completion of the planned main activities, people with disabilities must actively work in the interest of the enterprises created with the subsidy. Own funding is not required.

Project proposals must be sent by June 20, 2022 to the Agency for People with Disabilities (APD). The documents can be brought on the spot or sent by mail or electronically to

More information can be found in the section Projects/Programs, section "Independent Business" on the website of the Agency for People with Disabilities .