Minister Gyokov: Children are the most valuable part of our society


"I wish you to enjoy a childhood filled with laughter, carefree, friendship and fun games. Be curious, do not stop every day to search and discover the magic of life and the world around you! Keep your childlike innocence and sincerity, dream boldly, learn new things, fill your parents with pride, and we will take care of your peace and safety”. With these words, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Georgi Gyokov addressed today the children attending the celebration organized by the State Agency for Child Protection (SACP) on the occasion of June 1 - International Children's Day. "Children are the most valuable part of our society. They are our future and our hope that all the good we have started will continue", he added.

This year's holiday is under the motto "Let every day be a child's holiday" and focuses on online safety. The event was attended by Deputy Minister Ivan Krastev, SACP Chairperson Eleonora Lilova, representatives of Sofia Municipality and organizations working in the field of children's rights.

"I know you all love to play and surf the internet. But be careful, because not everyone you meet there has good intentions. Therefore, in no case do not tell strangers your name, address, E-mail password, phone number or where you study", Minister Gyokov advised the children.

In his congratulatory message, the Minister did not fail to address the organizers of the SACP, emphasizing the importance of daily efforts to implement the cause, advocated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy - all children to grow up in a healthy environment, security and protection. "We are all responsible for their well-being and we are obliged to protect and guide them in order to be worthy citizens of Bulgaria!“, said Minister Georgi Gyokov.

Together with Deputy Minister Ivan Krastev, he awarded the children who answered questions correctly about the rules of Internet safety. Before the beginning of the holiday, 100 balloons with children's messages were released in the sky, including the wish of Minister Gyokov for a happy childhood.