Labour and Social Policy Office at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Vienna, Austria


Dear Visitors,

 Welcome to the information website of the Labour and Social Policy Office (LSPO) of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy at the embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Republic of Austria.

Having read about our major goals and activities on our homepage, here you will find information on how to learn about novelties in labour and social affairs both in the Republic of Austria and in the Republic of Bulgaria, news from the LSPO – Vienna, particular activities and ways to contact us, but above all how to be useful to each other.

You can turn to LSPO – Vienna for information, consultation and assistance in the following areas:


·                   access to the labour market in Austria, rights, obligations and conditions in different types of employment - civil servants, employment contracts, self-employed, seconded workers, liberal professions, student workers, fellowships, etc.;

·                   registration of job seekers and unemployed persons in connection with the specificities of the labour market in Austria, expansion of powers to search and apply for jobs, participation in integration courses and opportunities to solve social problems;

·                   social security: social security - pension, health, accident, and unemployment; benefits for short-term risks: pregnancy and childbirth, unemployment, illness, family benefits for child care;

·                   coordination of social security systems - portability of rights in the above areas from one Member State to another;

·                   violation of labour and social rights - working without papers and social security;

·                   assistance for return to Bulgaria of Bulgarian citizens in distress;

·                   working conditions for nationals of EU Member States and access to the Bulgarian labour market of third country nationals.

LSPO - Viennaorganises information and consulting days and a front officein individual federal states of Austria and provides information and assistance to Bulgarian citizens in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and works closely with the consular service and other services at the embassy.

The main activity of LSPO - Viennainvolves also maintaining effective contactsto enhance the cooperation between the MLSP and the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, the Federal Ministry of Family and Youth, the Federal Ministry of Education and Women, which are key partners in its activities.

LSPO - Viennaworks in an environment of trust and partnershipwith the Austrian Trade Union Federation, the Chamber of Labour, the Chamber of Commerce, the Union of Craftsmen, the Compass centre for consultations for new Bulgarian nationals and about 20 NGOs in Austria.

If you visit often theNews section,you will learn about upcoming events at LSPO - Vienna and opportunities to take part in them, as well as other news on LSPO - Vienna.

In theLife and Work sectionyou will receive up-to-date information about amendments to the labour and social legislation of Austria and Bulgaria, employment of Bulgarian nationals and their social security in Austria as well as reference to useful information from Austrian institutions and NGOs.

In the Contact Us section,you will find options to contact LSPO - Vienna.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Dr. Tinka Troeva, Minister Plenipotentiary

Head of LSPO - Vienna