Deinstitutionalisation of care for the elderly and people with disabilities

National Strategy for Long-term Care

Action Plan for the implementation of the National Strategy “Vision for the Deinstitutionalisation of the Children in Bulgaria”


National Strategy for Long-term Care (CoM Decision No. 2 / 07.01.2014) was approved in early 2014 to develop long-term care for elderly people and improve their quality of life. The Strategy is aimed at provision of accessible, high-quality community-based and home-based services to enable the social inclusion of people with disabilities and elderly people while having preventive role in respect of the institutionalisation of those persons. It places special focus on the deinstitutionalisation of care for people with disabilities and elderly people, development of home-based services and support to the families, with increased responsibility for the care for dependent family members. Promoting the interaction of social and health services and the implementation of an integrated approach are also prioritised in the Strategy. One of the key priorities of the Strategy is to establish a more effective financing mechanism for long-term care and to achieve sustainable increase of funds for community-based and home-based services.